46th Annual NJOTA Conference

Date: October 1, 2020
7:00 - 8:00 PM 

Course Title: The Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, 4th Edition: Understanding and Applying the Revised Document

Julie Dorsey, Elizabeth “Liz” Griffin Lannigan, Caitlin Synovec & Wayne Winistorfer

Course Description 

The Occupational Therapy Practice Framework 4th edition (OTPF-4, called the Framework) articulates the profession's distinct domain and outlines the process through which occupational therapy service delivery occurs within this domain. Since the first edition of the Framework almost 20 years ago, this document has been instrumental in guiding the profession and advocating for the role of OT with various populations and across practice settings. The document has continued to evolve since the first edition to ensure the profession is suited to anticipate and meet society's changing needs. The Framework was recently revised by the Commission on Practice (COP) as part of the standard 5 year review process and the 4th edition was approved by the Representative Assembly in Spring 2020.

The latest revision of the Framework included many significant changes that will support practitioners' ability to practice and to advance the profession. It is critical for practitioners to fully understand these changes in order to apply them to their practice. The major changes are outlined in the preface of the Framework, however an interactive session will be invaluable for practitioners to develop a deep understanding. Members of the Commission on Practice (COP) will provide an overview of the significant changes to the Framework as well as an overview of the revision process. The expanded and new tables will be highlighted in detail as they are a major support to applying the concepts of the Framework.